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About RebluSoft

Reblujina's Software was created as a personal experiment as a place to make available the freeware applications I like creating in my free time and lately with a section dedicated to the harmonica, a hobby I am taking up.

Although I already had a static page, I wanted something more dynamic, where I could use PHP and play with it. When I was looking for my hosting needs in the Webhostingtalk forums, I reduced my options to Hostrocket, DreamHost, Lunarpages and Site5

All of them offered similar pricing for their basic plans with similar features. Lunarpages was the one that seemed to have the highest customer satisfaction level, although it had the limitations of just one single mySQL DB and one domain. Hostrocket offered 10 mySQL DBs, but still one domain and the setup fee meant that the price actually was a little bit higher. DreamHost had a nice offer triplicating most of the features, but to get the lowest price you needed to sign up for 2 years. Site5 did not create the domain for you, but that was even better since I could easily create it at NameCheap with whois protection included for much less than the other hosting providers. Overall, Site5 was the one that had the best offer. I also signed up for their referral program, so if you finally sign up with them, please use one of the links to their site in this text. Your price will not change, but I will get some benefits.

 If you are still not convinced, there are a few additional good things that are said about Site5: they really follow their TOS (so they inform you before taking extreme measures for your site), they have an open forum (you can see the kind of issues their customers complain about and the level of satisfaction they have) and they list the status of their aprox 75 servers publicly.

When you look for a shared host,  the part that affects the pricing the most is the bandwidth. They can offer you a lot of space for the same price, but they will charge you more for the bandwidth. But both parameters are normally related, since if they offer you little space, they will be able to host more people in the same server. This means that the less bandwith & space they offer you, the more likelihood that the server you will be hosted will be crowded, and since most of their customers will be using most of their bandwidth, the overall performance will suffer. If they offer you a lot of space and bandwidth (with the corresponding higher price) they will be hosting less people in the servers and a lot of them will not use even half the bandwidth they bought, thus improving the overall performance of your site. This probably means that the improvements you get by paying a little bit more are not proportional, but more likely exponential. Beware of hosts that offer you a lot of bandwidth for less than normal!

This site has been created using the Joomla CMS, with some additional addons (like ReMOsitory or SimpleBoard). I also considered Drupal or PHPNuke, but Joomla  seemed to be more adapted to my needs. Its extensibility is really cool and if you use a simple template it is very fast too.

The cost of this site for the first year is $92.28 (hosting and domain registration). Since the creation of this new site I have received €8 in donations. Hopefully, I'll reach the total cost before the end of 2007. Help me reach that objective!

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