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RebCalendar: a practical popup calendar for Windows

RebCalendar is a small yet powerful utility. It is the Calendar you always wanted Windows to have, instead of the small calendar linked to the clock, which sometimes you do not even have enough permissions to view.

As with the rest of my tools, after unsuccessfully searching the Internet for a free simple calendar, I decided to create my own. 


This is how the interface looks like in Spanish (it uses the language of the regional settings):


The calendar starts as tray icon. You can pop it up by pressing Win+C or by clicking on the icon. To hide it, press Win+C again or right-mouse click on the calendar and select Hide Calendar in the context menu.
You can configure the holidays in the template files, called Calendar_<template name>.ini, located in the application folder, but it comes preconfigured with the holidays of Madrid and US as two different templates.
You can add events double clicking on a date, although no alarms will be set. The size of the calendar can dynamically be set through the "+" and "-" keys and the transparency of the calendar can also be changed throught the context menu.

Since it is written in VB6 it needs the runtime engine. If you do not have it, you will have to download it from Microsoft.
As with my other applications, if you like the tool and you would like to support further development, you can donate any amount through PayPal. I have to pay for the site... Please, use the PayPal  link on the left menu for your donations.
As an experiment I have also rewritten the application with the same functionality in Purebasic, which does not need any runtime engine and consumes less memory. 

 Download RebCalendar

 Download RebCalendar (PureBasic)


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