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WebDicty 2.4: the best dictionary for Windows

WebDicty is the best free multilingual dictionary on the web. It has preconfigured a number of on-line Web dictionaries for Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Catalan, Basque, Portuguese and Dutch including definition and translation dictionaries (WordReference, Cambridge, Merriam Webster, Vox, Garzanti, Hachette, Gran Diccionari de la Llengua Catalana, Wahrig...)


Haga clic aquí para la versión en Español.

WebDicty screenshot

WebDicty does not have a list of words or a local dictionary. Instead, it relies on the freely available dictionaries on the web. Every time you type a word to look it up, WebDicty connects to the selected webpage, gets the answer, filters it an processes it so that is easy to read, removing embedded or pop-up ads. So it is basically a browser of preset pages (the dictionaries) with internal filters to remove the unwanted information. You can also open the actual webpage in your browser from within WebDicty by clicking on the browser button (the world icon).

WebDicty stays iconized on the task bar when minimized. It can be launched by pressing ALT+F10 from any application and it will automatically look for the word that is selected in that application in the current dictionary. Besides, double clicking on any word in the results of WebDicty (both right and left panel) will make WebDicty search for that word in the current dictionary. It also accepts some command line arguments:
/m launch minimized (iconized, in fact)
/w‹word› look for ‹word›
/f‹n› start with language from number ‹n›
/t‹n› start with language to number ‹n›
/d‹n› start with dictionary number ‹n› within the default or defined category

You can put it on your Start menu with /m so that it is autostarts (iconized) with Windows.

Since it is in VB6, you have to have the VB runtime (which most users have) to execute the application. You will also need to have the VBScripting engine version 5 of higher. If you have Internet Explorer 5 or higher or you have Windows Millenium or XP you do not need to worry about it. If not, you may need to download the engine from Microsoft.

This application is freeware, so you can freely use and distribute the application without paying me anything. Anyway, if you like the product and you would like to support further development, you can donate any amount through PayPal (even $1 would be fine). I have to pay for this site and related stuff... You can use the link located on the left menu.

 Download WebDicty24

Enhancements of version 2.4

- Filters updated

Enhancements of version 2.3

- Filters updated
- New dictionaries added: Langenscheidt (requires free registration at wissen.de ) and Oxford Compact

Enhancements of version 2.2

- Some  filters have ben fixed, including the one for WordReference
- Addition of Google definitions in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German
- Addition of log (history). It is disabled by default. Needs to be activated in the configuration window
- Install Creator Installer has been replaced with Inno Setup Installer
- ATTENTION: If you have used a version of WebDicty previous to  2.2 build 7, there was a bug that caused the generation of a great amount of temporary files. In order to remove them, simply write del %temp%\web*.tmp from the commandline or execute the TempFileCleaner application from the download section.
- Build 10: All the filters have been reviewed and fixed.


Featured program in Softonic.com Featured in TopShareware Rated with 5 marks in Sofotex Rated with 5 stars in The File Transit Rated with 5 stars in BrotherSoft Featured in WinPicks.com Recommended program in UptoDown.com Awarded on Free downloads place

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