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WordBox 1.5, a Boggle © and Tangleword © clone

WordBox is a Windows version of Boggle ©, for playing over the internet. The game name comes from the Palm version created by Twinfeats. They also have Psion version. I also have an updated version for the Palm here . The same game has also other names: TangleWord, Boggle, WordCube, Paroliere and they all are more or less the same. This version allows you to play within a network or over the internet...

Haga click aquí para la versión en Español.

WordBox screenshot

This application is freeware, so you can freely use and distribute the application without paying me anything. Anyway, if you like the product and you would like to support further development, you can donate any amount through PayPal (even $1 would be fine). Use the link on the left menu for your donations.

Enhancements in version 1.5:

  • Support of XPStyles
  • New Installer
  • New WebDicty version
  • Fixed bug that prevented using the FollowMe IP functionality
  • Standard download contains English, Spanish and Italian wordlists

Word lists

You can find additional word lists in the download section. Specifically, a Spanish large word list based on the COES list, an English large word list based on ENABLE2K, an English word list based on TWL98 word list, a French word list, a German word list and a Catalan word list.

Installation and Rules

Installation: Just run any of the two installers above and unzip also the word list of your preference to the same folder.

Rules: If you know how to play Boggle or better, Big Boggle, you know how to play this game. Basically, you have to create words following contiguous letters. Letters can touch horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

To enter the words, you can use the keyboard to type them directly (the program will find if the word can be created) or you can drag the mouse over the letters with the left mouse button pressed.

To play with someone else, one of the two starts as a host (Oponent-Start as a Host), the other joins (Oponent-Join...). The second one has to enter the IP address of the first one (the host). To know this information, the first one goes to "Preferences-options" and lets it know to the second one. Alternativaly, he can go to "Help-Copy local IP to clipboard" and then paste this somewhere so that it reaches the second one (e.g. Messenger).

Important Note: If one of the two players is behind a proxy/firewall, the IP of his machine will not be publically available and he will not be able to be a host. It will still be possible, though, to do a "join". If both players are behind a proxy the only way to play is to access the proxy and configure it to "passthrough" the port that WordBox uses (by default 2375). Only the host needs to open the port, other users can always join even behind a proxy/firewall.

Since it is written in Visual Basic, you will need the VB runtime, but you probably already have it.

To use the new FollowMeIP functionality the host will have to register first at FollowMeIP (this action is only done once). Once registered, the host just has to check the option "Use FollowMe IP" and configure the user and password in the options window. The rest of participants have to have the option unchecked, and connect using the address <HostUsername>.fmip.org.

 Download WordBox15Setup


Featured in UpToDown Rated as 'Excellent' in Softonic Rated with 5 stars in Top Shareware Rated with 5 stars in Sofotex Rated 5 stars in The File Transit Featured in TuCows Published in ABCDatos Awarded on Free downloads place



Boggle is © 2008 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

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